Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lake Sebu Falls

I recently visited Lake Sebu in South Cotabato and was amazed by the water falls in the municipality known for its Tiboli culture. There are seven falls in the area but my schedule permitted me to visit just two of the eye-catching,  breathe-taking sights.

So if you are visiting South Cotabato in the near future, make time in visiting the place. Local executives in the area said that they now have the highest zip line in Asia. Sadly, I wasn't able to experience that mind-boggling zip line since we arrived at the area too early for that ride.

The first picture in this blog is the second falls, which lays about a few meters down from the first one. Anyone wanting to see the second falls must trek down a narrow but cemented stairs. I think there were about 778 steps going down to the second falls.

An example of the stairs which visitors negotiated gong down the second falls. Locals said that the third falls is about three kilometers of trekking from the second falls.

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